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    Jul 22, 2021 - Meisel Lab - Department of Biology and Biochemistry
    Meisel, Richard; Adhikari, Kiran, 2021, "Temperature-dependent effects of house fly proto-Y chromosomes on gene expression",, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6:zUmnq/NdgpseDZSVCZ9/Yw== [fileUNF]
    Code, commands, and data to perform analyses of house fly RNA-seq data. House fly has a stable polygenic sex determination system. The male determining factor (Mdmd) is commonly found on the Y chromosome (Y^M) or the third chromosome (III^M). These proto-Y chromosomes are clinall...
    Jul 22, 2021University of Houston Dataverse Repository
    Data from the Meisel laboratory in the Department of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Houston
    Jul 21, 2021 - Qi Ying Dataverse
    Ying, Qi, 2021, "NOx surface observation data",, Texas Data Repository, V1
    Surface observation and modeled daily-average NO2 at selected Chinese cities.
    Qi Ying Dataverse(Texas A and M University)
    Jul 21, 2021Texas A&M University Dataverse Repository
    Jul 15, 2021 - Curiosity to Question
    Papendieck, Adam, 2021, "CtQ Assessment Instruments",, Texas Data Repository, V1
    Assessment Instruments for Curiosity to Question GEO 391/371T Research Design, Data Analysis and Visualization. Instruments included modified URSSA and Network Survey in Word (.doc) and Qualtrics (.qtf) formats.
    Jul 15, 2021 - Curiosity to Question
    Julia Clarke; Nicholas Crouch; Lucas Legendre; Carlos Rodriguez; Adam Papendieck, 2021, "Curiosity to Question Instructional Modules for GEO 391/371T Research Design, Data Analysis and Visualization",, Texas Data Repository, V1
    Curiosity to Question instructional modules used in GEO 391/371T Research Design, Data Analysis and Visualization taught by Dr. Julia Clarke at the University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences.
    Jul 15, 2021 - VertebrateHourglass
    Young, Rebecca, 2021, "Data and scripts associated with: Comparative transcriptomics reveals distinct patterns of gene expression conservation through vertebrate embryogenesis",, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6:terWVXRKB3KNVWZjr2bNtA== [fileUNF]
    Data sets and R and python scripts associated with comparative transcriptomic analysis of vertebrate embryogenesis. Scripts authored by Megan Chan, Pranav Bhamidipati, and Rebecca Young as indicated.
    VertebrateHourglass(University of Texas at Austin)
    Jul 15, 2021University of Texas at Austin Dataverse Collection
    Jul 14, 2021 - Pavement Science and Engineering
    Bhasin, Amit; Filonzi, Angelo; Komaragiri, Satyavati; Hajj, Ramez; Seay, Tyler; Trevino, Manuel, 2021, "Parts and Sample Preparation Guide for the Poker Chip or Asphalt Ductility Test",, Texas Data Repository, V3
    This document contains the parts, engineering drawings, and sample preparation method to conduct the poker chip or asphalt ductility test.
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