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CDBN Genomics (University of Texas at Austin)
Supplementary Data and aligned SNP files, in hapmap format, for genome-wide association work on the genotyped panel of entries in the Cooperative Dry Bean Nursery dataset.
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Dec 5, 2019
MacQueen, Alice, 2019, "Aligned SNP Data for CDBN Genomics in Hapmap and Numeric Format",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V3
This dataset contains SNP data for replication of the genome-wide association results in the paper “Genetic Associations in Four Decades of Multi-Environment Trials Reveal Agronomic Trait Evolution in Common Bean”. It contains SNP data for 348 genotypes of common bean (Phaseolus...
Plain Text - 78.1 MB - MD5: b875f73cdb6034b5d1ef90a3f1895d1c
Chromosome 1
Plain Text - 91.0 MB - MD5: 33fa1c50cbff77d944e2266e6d9ff5eb
Chromosome 10
Plain Text - 113.2 MB - MD5: e36d50559eebe1b3be194051c6287bcc
Chromosome 11
Plain Text - 67.0 MB - MD5: 3f6349097d992989705a474269b601f5
Chromosome 2
Plain Text - 70.5 MB - MD5: 716aceb62411e40912f83f7fc2ccfb81
Chromosome 3
Plain Text - 84.9 MB - MD5: 6ea825224dd2b898b898b195aea8306e
Chromosome 4
Plain Text - 74.6 MB - MD5: 198c88e4cf7f93b315b067d4bf947152
Chromosome 5
Plain Text - 41.7 MB - MD5: 63dd53bb844b90ade1b16d6919a212bb
Chromosome 6
Plain Text - 46.2 MB - MD5: c8380f0d383cfb6858d4709d5b26b947
Chromosome 7
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