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CDBN Genomics (University of Texas at Austin)
Supplementary Data and aligned SNP files, in hapmap format, for genome-wide association work on the genotyped panel of entries in the Cooperative Dry Bean Nursery dataset.
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MS Excel Spreadsheet - 29.0 KB - MD5: f4a848900a99b22a172877f58a35cb32
Supplementary Excel File for Table 5
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 229.5 KB - MD5: a74c0afe5bded76107204d801414ac60
Supplementary Excel File for Table 4
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 153.9 KB - MD5: 0b6023c6305a94643e2c35af46a2a00f
Supplementary Excel File for Table 2
Dec 5, 2019
MacQueen, Alice, 2019, "Supplementary Data: Figures, Tables, and Note",, Texas Data Repository, V2
The Supplementary Data for the manuscript entitled , “Genetic Associations in Four Decades of Multi-Environment Trials Reveal Agronomic Trait Evolution in Common Bean”. This data includes a word document containing captions for all figures and tables, as well as two supplementary...
MS Word - 1.1 MB - MD5: f55f533aa86b8871240410a8b5cd0676
Supplement Word Document with Figures, Tables, and Supplementary Note.
Plain Text - 38.7 MB - MD5: e53a0bb9e0fcb8e2b44b62a8387dfdda
Chromosome 9
Plain Text - 112.5 MB - MD5: 5fba18cf51a96995f23cc2cb3abe54a4
Chromosome 8
Plain Text - 46.2 MB - MD5: c8380f0d383cfb6858d4709d5b26b947
Chromosome 7
Plain Text - 41.7 MB - MD5: 63dd53bb844b90ade1b16d6919a212bb
Chromosome 6
Plain Text - 74.6 MB - MD5: 198c88e4cf7f93b315b067d4bf947152
Chromosome 5
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