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BEARdata (Baylor University)
Baylor Electronically Accessible Research Data
Baylor Electronically Accessible Research Data (BEARdata) is the data repository for Baylor University hosted at the Texas Data Repository
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Jun 29, 2021 - Method Effects in Survey Research in Education
Padgett, R. Noah; Morgan, Grant B.; Wells, Kevin, 2021, "R Scripts and Analyses for Method Effects Investigations",, Texas Data Repository, V1
These data all relate the work on investigating method effects. We hope that our commented and reproducible analyses will provide guidance to those wishing to investigate methods effects in their own research.
Jun 12, 2021 - Roy Bassoo
Bassoo, Roy, 2021, "Composition of the Sub-Cratonic Mantle of the Guiana Shield Inferred from Diamond-Hosted Inclusions - Cathodoluminescence imagery, FTIR, and Raman Spectroscopic data",, Texas Data Repository, V1
Cathodoluminescence imagery, FTIR, and Raman Spectroscopic data
Jun 10, 2021 - Dawn Carlson
Carlson, Dawn, 2021, "Replication Data for Remote Work Project",, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6:67bLqHUcsOvO60xXz5A+Qg== [fileUNF]
Remote working matched dyads during COVID.
Dawn Carlson(Baylor University)
Jun 10, 2021Management
May 2, 2021 - Digital Scholarship
Been, Joshua; James, Amy; Farwell, Beth, 2021, "Syllabi Information Literacy Miner",, Texas Data Repository, V1
Syllabi Information Literacy Miner Hosted on Google Colab Purpose: Automatically mine academic syllabi for information literacy (IL) components in order to identify opportunities for liaison lib...
Altmetrics for the Arts(Baylor University)
Apr 30, 2021University Libraries
Data collected in conjuction with the grant "Identifying a Possible Suite of (Alt)metrics for Creative and Performing Arts Faculty" funded by Altmetric.
Apr 30, 2021Digital Scholarship
Contains data generated from projects supported by the 2021 Fundamental of Data Research Fellows Program
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