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BEARdata Dataverse (Baylor University)
Baylor Electronically Accessible Research Data
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Baylor Electronically Accessible Research Data (BEARdata) is the data repository for Baylor University hosted at the Texas Data Repository
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Sep 26, 2019 - Blaine McCormick Dataverse
McCormick, Blaine, 2019, "Greatest Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople in American History (2011 Expert Poll)",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
This is the data set associated with the 2011 expert polling to determine the greatest entrepreneurs and businesspeople in American history. It includes a Excel file with complete results from 41 experts included in the poll. The names and 2011 affiliations are included in a sepa...
MS Word (docx) - 22.5 KB - MD5: f51fa7fc3faa83bf12da3ec2625c5cde
An alphabetical listing of all 41 experts as of their 2011 affiliation.
MS Excel (XLSX) - 57.5 KB - MD5: 64503fcedb4cba6d556d323aeff58afd
This Excel file contains detailed data from all 41 expert ballots. The experts remain non-identified with their nominations.
Blaine McCormick Dataverse(Baylor University)
Sep 26, 2019Management Dataverse
Aug 15, 2019Digital Scholarship
Contains data generated from projects supported by the 2019 Fundamental of Data Fesearch Fellows Program
Mar 25, 2019 - Mixture Modeling with Categorial Responses
Padgett, R. Noah;Tipton, Rebecca J., 2019, "Monte Carlo Simulation Results Categorical Latent Class Analysis",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V2
This text (.txt, tab delimited) file contains the extracted results from a Monte Carlo simulation experiment investigating model selection in latent class analysis with categorical indicators.
Plain Text - 6.8 KB - MD5: 6d2454837de5d815702019b352723eeb
Plain Text - 452 B - MD5: ef2208bb426177194d59543bde39de13
Plain Text - 430 B - MD5: 87cd28f976312ad4b1338e06050d3cce
R Syntax - 6.6 KB - MD5: 6777e89e61814a83058c197be8a48d1b
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