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Dec 14, 2020 - Genaro García Collection
Anonymous / Anónimo; Torres, Vicente G. (publisher / editorial), 2020, "¡Muera el Tirano!, 1844 Octubre 12",, Texas Data Repository, V1
This article calls for the death of General Antonio López de Santa Anna. The anonymous author argues that Santa Anna is a tyrant because he made political decisions in favor of his wealth. The first page contains a quote from José Joaquín de Mora's poem “Don Opas,” at the top rig...
Dec 14, 2020 - Genaro García Collection
Anonymous / Anónimo, 2020, ""El déspota Santa-Anna ante los veteranos de la Independencia," 1844 Diciembre 09",, Texas Data Repository, V1
The author of this notice disparages the military and political career of Santa Anna. The notice states that Santa Anna "presumed himself the Napoleon of the New World." It highlights the "hideous scenes" of Santa Anna's campaign during the Texas Revolution, noting that he acted...
Aug 16, 2020 - Rare Books and Maps Collections
Tamarón Romeral, Pedro, -1768, 2020, "Relación del atentado sacrilegio, cometido por tres indios de un pueblo de la Provincia del Nuevo México, 1763",, Texas Data Repository, V1
Retelling of the events in which three Pueblo men mocked the pastoral visit of the Bishop of Durango in Pecos, New Mexico. A bear mauled the leader, Agustín Guichi, who played the part of Bishop. Extent: 4 f. (8 p.)
Aug 15, 2020 - William B. Stephens Collection
Revilla Gigedo, Juan Francisco Güemes y Horcasitas, conde de, 1682?-1766; Philip V, King of Spain, 1683-1746, 2020, "Real cedula y decreto pidiendo relación sobre la oposición que tienen los religiosos de San Francisco de que los religiosos de la Compañía de Jesús establezcan misiones entre los Indios Moqui en Nuevo México, 1745 Noviembre 23-1746 Agosto 28",, Texas Data Repository, V1
Royal decrees requesting a report on the opposition that the Franciscan friars have against the Jesuits establishing missions among the Hopi in New Mexico. Extent: 8 f. (16 p.)
Aug 14, 2020 - William B. Stephens Collection
Charles III, King of Spain, 1716-1788; Cordova, [unidentified] (contributor), 2020, "Notificación al Virrey sobre aprobamiento del Rey en la separación de los Indios Navajo y Gileños, 1787 Junio 13",, Texas Data Repository, V1
Notification to the Viceroy about the King's approval of the separation of the Navajo and Gila Natives. Extent: Extent: 1 f. (2 p.)
Jul 5, 2020 - William B. Stephens Collection
Philip III, King of Spain, 1578-1621; Ibarra, Juan de (scribe), 2020, "Real cédula al virrey Conde Monterey que informe sobre que la Orden de Santo Domingo pide ir a fundar conventos en Nuevo México, 1599 Noviembre 30",, Texas Data Repository, V1
Royal decree to the viceroy requesting a report on the matter in which the Dominican Order is seeking to establish convents in New Mexico. Extent: 1 f. (2 p.)
Jul 4, 2020 - William B. Stephens Collection
Carranco, Francisco, 2020, "Patente que el padre Comisario General de la Nueva España de los Frailes Menores de San Francisco envia a los religiosos de la Custodia de la Florida confirmando Fr. Francisco Pareja como custodio, 1607 Mayo 11",, Texas Data Repository, V1
Patent that the Father General Commissioner of the New Spain of the Friars Minor of San Francisco sent to the friars of the Custody of Florida confirming Fr. Francisco Pareja as custodian. Extent: 2 f. (4 p.)
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