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Benson Latin American Collection (University of Texas at Austin)
The Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection is one of the world’s premiere repositories of Latin American and U.S. Latina/o materials. It was founded in 1921 with the acquisition of a large private collection of Mexican material. Today, the library holds materials from across the region, comprising over one million books in the circulating collections, over 8,000 linear feet of archival and manuscript materials, more than 20,000 maps and 100,000 photographs, and tens of thousands of items in other media including sound recordings, video, drawings, and ephemera. In addition, the Benson maintains one of world’s largest collections of digital assets on Latin America, which includes unique archives in human rights, indigenous languages, and the first books published in the Americas.
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Jul 4, 2020 - William B. Stephens Collection
Hernández de Bonilla, Alonso; Rios, Pedro de los (scribe), 2020, "Acta del Tribunal de la Inquisición sobre el delito de declarar que la simple fornicación con las mujeres públicas no es pecado, 1576 Febrero 26",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Act from the Tribunal of the Inquisition of Mexico on the crime of declaring that simple fornication with public women is not a sin. Extent: 1 f. (2 p.)
Dec 10, 2017 - Relaciones Geográficas of Mexico and Guatemala
Leyva, Antonio de; Acuña, René, 2017, "Ameca (Guadalajara), 1579 October 2-December 15",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Descripción de Ameca, hecha por su alcalde mayor Antonio de Leyva, en 15 de diciembre de 1579. Original. 12 fojas y un mapa. 14 ℓ. 31 cm. Colored map, 43 x 31.5 cm., Call Number: JGI XXIII-10 Document in the public domain. Please cite: Joaquín García Icazbalceta Collection of Rel...
Mar 1, 2018 - Genaro García Collection
Ennis, Arthur J., 2018, "Augustinian Religious Professions in Sixteenth Century Mexico, 1534-1599",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:nsktLkpozq2YMGcqYxh/WQ== [fileUNF]
Biographic and other data related to the professions of Augustinian friars in 16th-century Mexico extracted primarily from the books of professions of the convents of Mexico City, Puebla de los Angeles, and Oaxaca. The original book of professions of Mexico City's convent is in t...
Nov 17, 2020 - Genaro García Collection
Vicario, Leona, 1789-1842; Palacios, Albert A. (translator / traductor), 2020, "Carta a Pilarito, 1810 Enero 27",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
This is a personal letter from Leona Vicario to her friend Pilarito discussing her character. —— Esta es una carta personal de Leona Vicario a su amiga Pilarito hablando de su personaje. Extent: 3 pages.
Sep 23, 2020 - Rare Books and Maps Collections
Anonymous / Anónimo; Fernández de Lizardi, José Joaquín, 1776-1827; Dunbar, Gary Leo (translator / traductor); Ontiveros (publisher / editorial), 2020, "Carta de los indios de Tontonapeque al Pensador Mejicano, 1820 Diciembre 20",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Anonymous letter under the name of "the Indigenous people of Tontonapeque" to the "Mexican Thinker" regarding the abolition of Indigenous personal service. It includes a possibly fictional interaction between the Indigenous people and a priest on the matter. They also express sho...
Sep 23, 2020 - Rare Books and Maps Collections
Suarez y Navarro, Juan; Escontría, M. (publisher / editorial), 2020, "Carta de un militar al prefecto de Mazapil, sobre los sucesos de la Angostura, 1847 Abril 02",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Treatise and reflection in the form of a letter to the prefect at Mazapil about the Mexico-United States War. —— Tratado y reflexión en forma de carta al prefecto de Mazapil sobre la Guerra México-Estados Unidos. Extent: 8 pages.
Sep 10, 2020 - Latin American Collections
Victoria, Guadalupe, 1786-1843; Ximeno, José (publisher / editorial), 2020, "Carta publicada al pueblo mexicano sobre la suspensión de Santa Anna como presidente, 1828 Septiembre 17",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Letter by then President Victoria urging Mexican citizens to stand by constitution and not be seduced by Santa Anna and rebellion. —— Carta del entonces presidente Victoria instando a los ciudadanos mexicanos a defender la constitución y no dejarse seducir por Santa Anna y la reb...
Feb 18, 2020 - Latin American Digital Initiatives (LADI)
Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen; Latin American Digital Initiatives, 2019, "Colección Conflicto Armado del Museo de la Palabra y la imagen",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V3
The Colección Conflicto Armado contains scans of political posters from the period of the Salvadoran Civil War. The posters were produced in support of anti-government activities in El Salvador as well as solidarity organizations outside the country. The posters are housed at the...
Aug 26, 2020 - Latin American Digital Initiatives (LADI)
Erard, John D., 2020, "Communities in Michoacán, Mexico that were presented Hijuelas during the Privatization of Indigenous Land, 1719‐1929",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Map of the 228 communities in Michoacán, México that participated in the 19th century liberal privatization of indigenous land known as the reparto de tierras (1868-1929.) The communities are organized by their late 19th century political divisions and possess other attribute dat...
Sep 12, 2020 - Edmundo O'Gorman Collection
Anonymous, 2020, "Copia de una representación a Fernando VII por parte de los vecinos españoles peninsulares de Zacatecas informando sobre la violencia revolucionaria contra ellos, 1813",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Letter written by the Spanish Peninsular elite in Zacatecas, Mexico to the abdicated king Fernando VII about the ferocity and cruelty of the rebellious Creoles and Indiggenous people, accusing the clergy as responsible. —— Carta escrita por la élite española peninsular en Zacatec...
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