A repository of unpublished images from scanning electron and light microscopes.
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Feb 10, 2024
Reed, Robert, 2024, "Incrustospongia meandrica Is a Sponge (It has Spicules)", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/XMO526, Texas Data Repository, V1
A short discussion of the late Pennsylvanian encruster Incrustospongia meandrica and some SEM images of the spicules it contains.
Feb 7, 2024
Reed, Robert, 2024, "Color SEM-CL: Technique", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/LPNDZG, Texas Data Repository, V1
It is common practice to convert a monochromatic cathodoluminescence signal into an RGB image using color filters. This poster is a graphic representation of the process used. The example image is of a lithic-rich sandstone from the Cretaceous Frontier Formation from Oil Mountain...
Feb 7, 2024
Reed, Robert, 2024, "A Small Experiment with Color Filters", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/8EDWI3, Texas Data Repository, V1
Assembling a color SEM-CL image from 3 RGB filter images is common practice. But how close is this to "true" color? This write up shows the results of one experiment using the RGB filters supplied with an Oxford MonoCL system and a Kodak color control patch.
Feb 2, 2024
Reed, Robert, 2024, "High Spatial Resolution Cathodoluminescence Imaging of Zircons", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/UXT1BU, Texas Data Repository, V1
A discussion of how to get the best spatial resolution where doing SEM cathodoluminescence on zircons (and by extrapolation, other materials). Imaging done on a FEI XL 30 tungsten-filament SEM with an Oxford Mono-CL detector.
Feb 2, 2024
Reed, Robert, 2024, "Thin Section Polish and SEM-CL Image Quality", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/1DXV8U, Texas Data Repository, V1
This is a short note describing the effect of sample polish on SEM cathodoluminescence imaging of a quartz sandstone.
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