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    Apr 18, 2018 - Gunnar Schade Dataverse
    Schade, Gunnar, 2018, "Karnes City monitor data, 2015", doi:10.18738/T8/O9A5EN, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
    comma-delimited hourly data from the Karnes City air quality monitor operated by TCEQ; 2015 data only
    Comma Separated Values - 1.4 MB - MD5: 77f12d1816e38d8ddd779113f58129bc
    Gunnar Schade Dataverse(Texas A and M University)
    Apr 18, 2018Texas A&M University Dataverse
    Dr. G.W. Schade, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, created in 2018
    Apr 13, 2018 - Glioblastoma epigenetic profiles
    Battenhouse, Anna; Hall, Amelia Weber, 2018, "ChIP-seq peak calls for epigenetic marks in GBM tumors", doi:10.18738/T8/YJMLKO, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
    MACS2 narrowPeak files from ChIP-seq experiments for 11 primary GBM tumors, each targeting CTCF transcription factor marks and H3K27Ac, H3K27Me3, H3K4Me1, H3K4Me3, H3K9Ac, and H3K9Me3 histone modifications. See Methods section of doi:10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-17-1724 for more informa...
    application/x-gzip - 4.6 MB - MD5: 4d41c12895793cdd5551d8cee00f29aa
    application/x-gzip - 5.1 MB - MD5: 8986db520000768a4ea07df7a8093171
    application/x-gzip - 6.9 MB - MD5: 851588bdce381da198f73c70ce1e9313
    application/x-gzip - 3.9 MB - MD5: 59646118d4a770d63912deba9b1ddbb2
    application/x-gzip - 2.5 MB - MD5: b7507bf99f6bb8c06bfc4a1a227cd39c
    application/x-gzip - 8.0 MB - MD5: 668792127ae5518139196a9541420991
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