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Plain Text - 1.3 KB - MD5: 309683bbb12ff3b48b96c267f495ae47
Plain Text - 4.0 KB - MD5: 36b54d20e6f26002ebe7918f5f4d207b
Unknown - 10.0 KB - MD5: 080811b15244eaa7d5229b63473702ee
Unknown - 6.0 KB - MD5: 283d59d0f2206d4ad8899e3d11507223
Unknown - 6.0 KB - MD5: a933101a0d1ade8299655aa707b93c5a
May 13, 2020 - Lyndon B. Johnson National Grasslands Evapotranspiration Partitioning Study
Adkison, Christopher, 2020, ""Water" Manuscript Figure Data",, Texas Data Repository, V1
These data were used to create figures for my master's thesis submitted to Texas A&M University, as well as for the figures used in the manuscript submitted to the journal "Water".
Dec 14, 2020 - Genaro García Collection
Rocha, José Severo (lithographer / litógrafo); Ortega, [unidentified] (artist / artista); Hutchins, Vanessa (translator / traductora), 2020, ""Recuerdos del dia 6 de Diciembre de 1844," 1845",, Texas Data Repository, V1
This lithograph depicts the 'Revolution of Three Hours,' an overthrow of Santa Anna's regime in Mexico City. At the top center, the scene depicts an angel smiting a figure, likely Santa Anna, off his throne of skulls. In the foreground, a figure with broken chains on her feet is...
Dec 14, 2020 - Genaro García Collection
Anonymous / Anónimo, 2020, ""El déspota Santa-Anna ante los veteranos de la Independencia," 1844 Diciembre 09",, Texas Data Repository, V1
The author of this notice disparages the military and political career of Santa Anna. The notice states that Santa Anna "presumed himself the Napoleon of the New World." It highlights the "hideous scenes" of Santa Anna's campaign during the Texas Revolution, noting that he acted...
Dec 14, 2020 - Genaro García Collection
Iriarte, Hesiquio (lithographer / litógrafo), 2020, ""Cuadro histórico del General Santa Anna. 2a. parte," 1857",, Texas Data Repository, V1
This lithograph depicts 20 illustrated and captioned scenes from the life of Santa Anna. For example, a scene in the first row, fifth column, depicts the destruction of the Parián market, as ordered by Santa Anna. In the second row, at the first column, the subsequent scene illus...
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