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    Feb 24, 2021 - Social Networks for Social Good Dataverse
    Mauldin, Rebecca, 2021, "Peer Relationships among Master of Social Work Students: Social Network Data",, Texas Data Repository, V1
    This dataset is from longitudinal social network analysis research that collected survey data from one class of graduate students (N=142) in a Master of Social Work (MSW) program in a large U.S. public university. The program used cohort-based learning in the first semester after...
    Adobe PDF - 800.6 KB - MD5: fb6b580327d4b102b1a9538a7f0742e5
    Comma Separated Values - 2.4 KB - MD5: 9ff0922e62ab7c5098756dbf0169ee65
    Plain Text - 11.5 KB - MD5: bad2bde9110bd3ba8e13a47115808abe
    Comma Separated Values - 50.6 KB - MD5: e857a6cdb8027353dbdfa12e0d749dd5
    Comma Separated Values - 194.6 KB - MD5: 0abb5308d444be1f7f9d049e7edcc379
    Comma Separated Values - 15.4 KB - MD5: ca788589b859f6a4aa1767be416a7cf5
    Comma Separated Values - 1.4 KB - MD5: 8c593f69ffe54dee30a5fbc7828cf8b6
    Comma Separated Values - 15.7 KB - MD5: a422ffe02d7dc27a779d69c4f697d27e
    Comma Separated Values - 7.3 KB - MD5: a60ac90287a9fd7c5fade38bc2d974d8
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