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    Nov 18, 2019 - DNDC input parameters
    MS Word - 19.8 KB - MD5: 4b0a42bbcfb4c0c1ebeb40edd8f54015
    Nov 18, 2019 - DNDC input parameters
    MS Word - 27.8 KB - MD5: 8b5a6d41e022e7c6f8adb6a49ff7c35d
    Adobe PDF - 192.0 MB - MD5: 2a48a79b154c6c3b443f641934ebff5c
    Hodges, B.R., S.A. Socolofsky, and K.M. Thyng (eds.), Extending and improving Texas bay/estuary oil spill simulations, Technical Report, Center for Water and the Environment, University of Texas at Austin, November, 2019.
    Oil spill physics and modeling(University of Texas at Austin)
    Nov 18, 2019Hodges Research Group Dataverse
    Research on oil spill physics and modeling conducted by Ben R. Hodges and collaborators
    Burkholderia(University of Texas at Austin)
    Nov 15, 2019Planet Texas 2050
    Geospatial Analysis of Environmental Suitability for Establishing Burkholderia species in Texas
    Good Systems(University of Texas at Austin)
    Nov 15, 2019Bridging Barriers Dataverse
    Artificial intelligence is changing the way we live and work — often, for the better — but it has the potential to be harmful in ways we fail to predict. Designing AI technologies that benefit society is our grand challenge.
    Whole Communities–Whole Health(University of Texas at Austin)
    Nov 15, 2019Bridging Barriers Dataverse
    In Texas, many children live in poverty, suffer from chronic illness, or endure abuse and neglect. Despite years of targeted intervention, these issues persist. Changing the way science helps society thrive is our grand challenge.
    Adobe PDF - 105.0 KB - MD5: ffe27ac745311fe512f44b0e21742d96
    Set of 5 questions used during 1 on 1 interviews with music artist participants
    Adobe PDF - 25.3 KB - MD5: b7c9451ee8c77d3e6e6de616a394961d
    Consent form used with confirmed research study participants
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