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Welcome to the Texas Data Repository Dataverse, a research data management system for Texas Digital Library (TDL) member institutions. To add, share, and publish your data or work on a project, select your local institutional repository from the institutions below. To find datasets from across Texas institutional dataverses, start here.


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    Plain Text - 148.5 KB - MD5: 1e645c64344e3ca55b4cc8276e8d8f9b
    Plain Text - 157.3 KB - MD5: 22c5890180f60807076b7bdb25224e88
    Plain Text - 149.0 KB - MD5: 2fa33e4a12ef1717fee248719ef0c729
    Plain Text - 157.5 KB - MD5: 67217cc26c5ac7489c8ce27f497af7da
    Plain Text - 148.9 KB - MD5: b5fe5869c194080f660b6aad78465d46
    Plain Text - 157.0 KB - MD5: caa404d3dff42cdd6c63e76110753cc1
    Plain Text - 148.5 KB - MD5: 00207cf3f65fe77181033b06c096eb88
    Plain Text - 157.8 KB - MD5: b5fb29aaad4e9174027d62da373e558d
    Plain Text - 148.9 KB - MD5: a101f90d3e0b8d48eed462a9a77b5dfd
    Plain Text - 156.0 KB - MD5: e8bb1601393dde316b5f3e3d40767fd8
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