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Sep 21, 2023
Wang, Haibo, 2023, "adjusted closing price of banks", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/W7H1LA, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6://ydicr7FRiteirsTsmEUw== [fileUNF]
adjusted closing price
Sep 17, 2023
Wang, Haibo, 2023, "Critical Mineral and Risk Factors Data", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/ODGJOO, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6:/YWaLcuQtk9WO7oL0OXJgA== [fileUNF]
Daily adjusted closing price for critical minerals and other risk factors
Dec 2, 2022
Talukder, Md Farid Hossain, 2022, "Prieto, Leonel & Talukder, Md Farid, 2022, "Resilient Agility: A Necessary Condition for Employee and Organizational Sustainability"", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/FPGHVD, Texas Data Repository, V2, UNF:6:SomVpHWfgCjbuXKV1sP1LA== [fileUNF]
Analyzing necessary condition for employee and organizational sustainability
Dec 1, 2022
Talukder, Md Farid Hossain, 2022, "Wang, Haibo & Talukder, Md Farid, 2022, "Firm Innovativeness Data"", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/BGLFLA, Texas Data Repository, V1
Analyzing the firm innovativeness
Jul 28, 2022
Amin, Muhammad; Prieto, Leonel; Canatay, Arman, 2022, "Examining Social Sustainability in Organizations", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/LMVAEX, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6:OcQJw+9cKed+SCOUnmMqQQ== [fileUNF]
Jul 26, 2022
Amin, Muhammad, 2022, "Operationalizing Social sustainability in Organizations", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/VBVCGH, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6:OcQJw+9cKed+SCOUnmMqQQ== [fileUNF]
Operationalizing Social sustainability in Organizations
Jun 24, 2022
Wang, Haibo, 2022, "Data analytics development materials", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/0ZHUS1, Texas Data Repository, V9, UNF:6:gd2Iax38UqSVmT5iCWf05g== [fileUNF]
Teaching material development
Jan 6, 2022
Wang, Haibo, 2022, "The study of Stock options, innovation, retention and performance", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/XRHVYM, Texas Data Repository, V1
This is a study to analyze the relationship between stock options, innovation, employee retention, company financial performance.
Nov 7, 2021 - Haibo Wang Dataverse
Wang, Haibo, 2021, "Automated Fraud Detection Data", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/M7NKGO, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6:PfE/eRbIIrr3fOBAAdq/Mw== [fileUNF]
These synthesized online fraud detection data sets are used to evaluate different machine learning methods. All features in the data sets, except the amount of transaction and classifier, are masked using a PCA transformation. Classifier is the first column and different instance...
May 9, 2021 - Haibo Wang Dataverse
Wang, Haibo, 2020, "Solutions of Large-Scale Quadratic Assignment Problem Instances", https://doi.org/10.18738/T8/XIA0OF, Texas Data Repository, V3
The solutions for large-scale taixxxeyy and drexx instances solved by Hyper-heuristics. There are 20 instances for tai125eyy, tai175eyy and tai343eyy, 10 instances for tai729eyy, 12 instances for drexx. drexx instances might have multiple optimal solutions with the same objective...
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