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Tab-Delimited - 1.1 KB - MD5: 3942d98087f7a76e0ed8cb804f4b0c07
Test values for loads applied by each actuator.
Adobe PDF - 140.1 KB - MD5: 8b1a791209a415f1f122a134f1fa834a
Drawing of specimen as constructed.
Tab-Delimited - 198 B - MD5: 1203a780c386a260b9213f3dab005be2
Timeline of component and subassembly construction.
Adobe PDF - 351.0 KB - MD5: c01d3fc5d087a54d7b9fa3c8e4196210
Front face crack widths. See CrackMaps_PSV-28A.pdf for crack locations.
Tab-Delimited - 2.8 KB - MD5: c75a436c35b9521e950fa919a7d338cf
Cracks at key load points. See AppliedLoads_PSV-28A.csv for associated actuator forces and CrackWidth_PSV-28A.csv_South(units_inch).csv for front face crack widths.
Tab-Delimited - 576 B - MD5: b6b4ec37a29d8c74aa21031a1272dbc3
Summary of specified load patterns. See LoadSequence_<name>.csv for order applied to each specimen and AppliedLoads_<name>.csv for test values.
Tab-Delimited - 2.0 KB - MD5: e9ae38fc83a4b8b9264d386c0d8342ce
Order of applied loads.
MS Excel Spreadsheet - 16.7 KB - MD5: 2b6b11712f067fac97a27bb0238dc334
Concrete Compressive Strength (ASTM C39); Modulus of Elasticity (ASTM C469); Modulus of Rupture (ASTM C79); Split Tensile Strength (ASTM 496)
Tab-Delimited - 27.5 KB - MD5: 031ee0676cd1391305eab64599026eb3
Complete Test Data for Concrete Compressive Strength (ASTM C39). Tab names indicate the Mix ID, Batch ID, Days, Sample Number.
Tab-Delimited - 45.5 KB - MD5: d33804eb18dc9430520959871d6e668f
Complete Test Data for Concrete Split Tensile Strength (ASTM C496). Tab names indicate the Mix ID, Batch ID, Days, Sample Number.
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