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Nov 18, 2020 - Cloud longwave scattering
Ren, Tong, 2020, "CESM LW scattering simulation",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
CESM simulations were performed to study the global impact of cloud longwave scattering. This dataset provides some simulated variables analyzed in our study.
Network Common Data Form - 25.3 MB - MD5: 789ee7bbd529af86358a6e70f574dadc
Low, middle, and high cloud fractions.
Network Common Data Form - 8.4 MB - MD5: c8463f8b30781dd786f3c36b98caa5c5
Longwave radiative flux divergence of the atmosphere.
Network Common Data Form - 16.9 MB - MD5: 8822665c2fc12a3c73aefd03a7cbdc51
Longwave upwelling radiative flux at the top of the atmosphere and downwelling radiative flux at the surface.
Network Common Data Form - 1021.8 KB - MD5: 5b79dc152fbec0b64b249cf4d5b6c9b4
Meridional stream function.
Network Common Data Form - 16.9 MB - MD5: c32fecf37e851d4eadb5aa5cb29c41d1
Network Common Data Form - 573.8 MB - MD5: 2a6c3a747050a3dfc17e5b35230cac96
Temperature, specific humidity, and total cloud fraction.
Network Common Data Form - 430.3 MB - MD5: 53d40f2ffbdc0e03330541e6e7eaad7b
Zonal and meridional winds and vertical velocity.
Cloud longwave scattering(Texas A and M University)
Nov 18, 2020
Nov 18, 2020 - Salvatore Calabrese's Dataverse
Calabrese, Salvatore; Barcellos, Diego; Thompson, Aaron; Porporato, Amilcare, 2020, "Summary of Laboratory and Field Fe reduction rates and Mathematica Code",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V2
This dataset includes measurements of Fe reduction rates from laboratory and field measurements for Luquillo and Calhoun Experimental Forest soils. It also includes the Mathematica code used to draw the Figures for the corresponding paper
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