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Tab-Delimited - 302.0 KB - MD5: e7eedcc4a3718a5dd109c8d6b0710dea
African American Literature Book History Short Fiction
application/x-netcdf - 4.0 KB - MD5: e0c2187221a88828d161c66bbb62e682
application/x-netcdf - 511.6 KB - MD5: 4dbcec22b79c3a627d187160858d685a
application/x-netcdf - 4.0 KB - MD5: 84bf2025ce551c1ce52cd908f511701a
application/x-netcdf - 511.6 KB - MD5: 615795878102c904ce2db99ebd054c95
application/x-netcdf - 4.0 KB - MD5: 36413f8b6a1a34778a1c391f666d774e
application/x-bzip2 - 128.9 MB - MD5: 246352e3dffb7aff111cd93a7b6d13fc
Plain Text - 856 B - MD5: 317338a41e9b8ace9e8163e43eee8900
A note on code and model output
application/x-netcdf - 511.6 KB - MD5: da5c8a61a949213f1da882370b58cab1
application/x-netcdf - 511.6 KB - MD5: cd52bc7feba434578596ea73f5410f6e
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