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Nov 23, 2022 - UT Austin Planetary Surface Processes Group Dataverse
Bamber, Emily, 2022, "Data Archive for Bamber et al. "Paleolake inlet valley formation: Factors controlling which craters breached on early Mars"",, Texas Data Repository, V1
This data archive includes (1) HRSC DEMs, CTX digital elevation models (DEM) and orthorectified digital raster graphic images (DRG) that were used to extract elevation data (tar files: "X#"); (2) shapefiles relating to measurements for each crater (tar files ending: "_shapefiles"...
Nov 17, 2022
Cardona, Alejandro, 2022, "Data for: "The viscoplastic behavior of natural hydrate-bearing sediments under uniaxial strain compression (K0 loading)"",, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6:EFeHG9mi8Z2EE1N5gFM3nA== [fileUNF]
Data for: "The viscoplastic behavior of natural hydrate-bearing sediments under uniaxial strain compression (K0 loading)"
"Reef Survivor" Game Dataverse(University of Texas at Austin)
Nov 16, 2022Paleontology Board Game Dataverse
This dataverse contains material that pertains to the "Reef Survivor" board game as well as associated lesson plans, materials, and publications.
Nov 10, 2022 - Trinity River Delta Hydrodynamic Model (TDHM)
Li, Zhi; Hodges, Ben R.; Passalacqua, Paola, 2022, "Trinity River Delta Hydrodynamic Model: manual, code, data, and results",, Texas Data Repository, V1
These files constitute the model software, user guide, data, and simulation results that were produced in the project "Building the Trinity River Delta Hydrodynamic Model" commissioned by the Texas Water Development Board under Interagency Contract No. 1800012195.
Oct 31, 2022 - Permian
Horne, Elizabeth, 2020, "Data for: Horne et al. (2021) Basement-Rooted Faults of the Delaware Basin and Central Basin Platform, Permian Basin, West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico",, Texas Data Repository, V4
This repository contains data files for the manuscript "Basement-rooted faults of the Delaware Basin and Central Basin Platform, Permian Basin, West Texas and southeastern New Mexico" which is a chapter within The University of Texas at Austin, Bureau of Economic Geology Report o...
Oct 21, 2022 - Human Signals Lab Dataverse
Adaimi, Rebecca, 2022, "Data for: Leveraging Sound and Wrist Motion to Detect Activities of Daily Living with Commodity Smartwatches",, Texas Data Repository, V2, UNF:6:xJH5GmACr+cy8gdNwoeWww== [fileUNF]
Two annotated datasets capturing synchronized inertial and acoustic data collected from an off-the-shelf smartwatch. One dataset consists of data captured as 15 participants performed various activities of daily living in their own homes; the other dataset was compiled from 5 par...
MDL Images Dataverse(University of Texas at Austin)
Oct 18, 2022Mood Disorders Laboratory Dataverse
Copyrighted images created by researchers affiliated with the Mood Disorders Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin.
Oct 18, 2022 - MDL Images Dataverse
Beevers, Christopher, 2022, "Cluster Analysis of Attentional Bias in MDD",, Texas Data Repository, V1
Using data from Beevers et al. (2015), we applied k-means clustering to eye-tracking dot-probe data from 57 MDD patients.
Oct 11, 2022 - JCThompson Dataverse
Thompson, Justin, 2022, "Well Performance Model",, Texas Data Repository, V1, UNF:6:1ZZ+lsRh0MoS/pkfZhqWFQ== [fileUNF]
Well Performance Model. Model code and model inputs.
Oct 5, 2022 - Permian
Savvaidis, Alexandros; Lomax, Anthony, 2022, "Velocity model for the Texas South Delaware Basin",, Texas Data Repository, V2
This a series of velocity models developed compiling various data sets.
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