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Feb 18, 2020 - Fidel Castro Speech Database, 1959-1996
Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC), 2020, "Fidel Castro Speech Database, 1959-1996",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V2
This dataset consists of the text files from the Castro Speech database formerly hosted in the Latin American Network Information Center. It includes 2410 speeches, interviews, reports, among other types of documents, by Fidel Castro from 1959 to 1996. All texts are in English. I...
Feb 18, 2020 - Latin American Digital Initiatives (LADI)
Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen; Latin American Digital Initiatives, 2019, "Colección Conflicto Armado del Museo de la Palabra y la imagen",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V3
The Colección Conflicto Armado contains scans of political posters from the period of the Salvadoran Civil War. The posters were produced in support of anti-government activities in El Salvador as well as solidarity organizations outside the country. The posters are housed at the...
Feb 18, 2020 - Joan E. Hughes Dataverse
Hughes, Joan E., 2020, "Teachers' Most Valued Technologies & Reasoning",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Raw data files for the research published in Hughes, J.E., Cheah, Y.H., Shi, Y., & Hsiao, K-H. (In press.) Preservice and inservice teachers’ pedagogical reasoning underlying their most-valued technology-supported instructional activities. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. 1...
Dec 8, 2019 - Susan Kung Dataverse
Kung, Susan, 2019, "Data management plans for linguistic research",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
This dataset contains supplementary materials to accompany Kung (2020), including a complete list of questions designed to guide the reader through the process of writing a data management plan (DMP) and some sample DMPs specific to linguistic research.
Dec 4, 2019 - Children's Households
Robert Reynolds; Kelly Raley; Inbar Weiss, 2019, "Household Change with Relationships",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V2
This data file has one record for every indivdual-interval observed or inferred in 2008 SIPP. Waves with indicators for whether there was a change in household composition or in address.
Nov 28, 2019 - Centering Donor Consent Dataverse
Carbajal, Itza, 2019, "Anonymized Interview Datasets",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
This includes anonymized interview datatsets from consenting participants for the research project titled "Centering Donor Consent: An Analysis of Archival Donor Forms and Practices"
Sep 12, 2019 - Multifactorial Prediction of Depression Diagnosis and Symptom Dimensions
McNamara, Molly, 2019, "Replication Data for: Multifactorial Prediction of Depression Diagnosis and Symptom Dimensions",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Data and code for a submitted manuscript. Abstract: While Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is a leading cause of disability, prior investigations may have been limited by studying single explanatory factors rather than considering multiple etiologies simultaneously. The current st...
Sep 10, 2019 - Ed-tech Network
Papendieck, Adam, 2019, "R Computing Environment Information",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
Computing environment info: software and package versions for analyses using R.
Aug 8, 2019 - Association between negative cognitive bias and depression: A symptom-level approach
Beevers, Christopher, 2019, "Analysis Code and Supplementary Materials",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
These files are the supplementary materials and analysis code used to generate the results reported in the Journal of Abnormal manuscript.
Jul 8, 2019 - Population Research Center
Karen L. Fingerman, 2019, "Family Exchanges Study II (FES II)",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
The primary purpose of the Family Exchanges Study II (FES II) was to follow up with respondents from the first wave of data collection in order to determine how support is provided across generations within families using computer assisted telephone interviews, diary interviews,...
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