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The University of Texas at Austin Dataverse serves as a platform for publishing and archiving the University's research data. It was established to help UT-Austin's research community meet data sharing requirements, to facilitate data citation, and to promote collaboration and reproducibility.
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Jan 16, 2020 - Lea Hildebrandt Ruiz Dataverse
Hildebrandt Ruiz, Lea, 2020, "Data published in "Sources and atmospheric dynamics of organic aerosol in New Delhi, India: Insights from receptor modeling"",, Texas Data Repository Dataverse, V1
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Plain Text - 3.8 KB - MD5: f1d14a304affec9308cf37c8fe9640dd
Data displayed in Figure 1a
Plain Text - 3.8 KB - MD5: 4e9c7f5b0c753666dda50ba8f7654411
Data displayed in Figure 1b
Plain Text - 22.6 KB - MD5: eff9944e8426bf400cd869be81802a98
Data displayed in Figure 2
Plain Text - 3.5 KB - MD5: 454846c42fe77f7ba2711171f1decfeb
Data displayed in Figure 3
Plain Text - 2.7 KB - MD5: dadc70ed5cb543aa84b5f2f78a89abb0
Data displayed in Figure 4
Plain Text - 2.7 KB - MD5: 2d0b2354db5cb1528847ab967c1f0af9
Data displayed in Figure 5a
Plain Text - 2.7 KB - MD5: 0bdcc3ab5db84f9128310d4afaa9d728
Data displayed in Figure 5b
Plain Text - 3.9 KB - MD5: d78573887a2ea88fe77b0c66f1edb2bf
Data displayed in Figure 6a
Plain Text - 3.0 KB - MD5: 04ccd75f4c58ec35214e213f1a6fae66
Data displayed in Figure 6b
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