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Excel spreadsheet of smartrock and corresponding hydraulic stream data used to make figures in Pretzlav et al. paper. The spreadsheet contains two tables. First, data averaged over each of the 22 hydrographs, including thresholds of motion (derived from smartrocks). Second, data averaged over 15 minute time intervals (corresponding to USGS gaging station data intervals), including the number of smartrocks still sampling, stage (relative to the thalweg) in our study reach, shear stress, shear velocity, Shields stress, the number of smartrock motions recorded in the time interval, and the transport probability in that time interval. See publication for additional details. Calculations to make these data tables were done primarily by Kealie Pretzlav, with input from Joel Johnson. When using these data, please cite the manuscript Pretzlav et al. (2020) manuscript they are from, or cite this archive and associated DOI directly.
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